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Michael York
Creating Legal Solutions

Michael York has been in private practice for almost 25 years. He has earned a national reputation for aggressive litigation and creative problem solving. He listens and works hard to help you achieve your objectives.

Diverse Clients, Consistent Results

Mike has had successful outcomes in cases ranging from the First Amendment to Sarbanes-Oxley to ERISA, both in state and federal courts and before state and federal administrative agencies.

Defending the Environment

Mike was a lead counsel in the recent case against Dominion Energy’s plan to install a two-mile transmission line across the Rappahannock River near the Chesapeake Bay in Southeast Virginia. Appearing on behalf of White Stone restaurant owner William Barnhardt, whose café is at the foot of the Norris Bridge and alongside the proposed line, Mike adopted a novel strategy. He and his co-counsel did not argue that the massive transmission towers would decrease property values. Instead, the focus of his case was the destruction of a unique natural resource, the commanding view of the lower Rappahannock and Chesapeake Bay from the bridge. Not only that, Mike introduced testimony from a leading industry expert showing an underground line could cost less than the giant towers. The result was a rare defeat for Dominion and a win for the environment. [Read more about the case.]

Defending the First Amendment

In a case that attracted national attention, Mike obtained a consent order after he brought suit in federal court against Fairfax County, challenging its threat to shut down a church's digital sign. The county maintained the regulation was a reasonable exercise of its zoning authority, but chose not to defend the lawsuit and dropped its objection to the sign.
[Read more about the case.] Photo by Tracy Woodward – The Washington Post.

Personal Attention Produces Results

Whether you you have an estate plan for review, a small business matter or a more complex problem that needs managing, Mike is ready to tackle the problem. Within recent years, Mike has successfully defended web publications against defamation claims in federal court, and on the plaintiffs' side has obtained substantial recoveries for clients in state and federal courts.

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